Friday, January 23, 2015


After I finished that last (earless) teddy hoodie, I had a small amount of the yarn left.  I didn't want to ever make another one of those hoodies in that colour and it really wasn't enough to bother trying to work in with another dyelot anyway.

I decided to make another infinity scarf.  The colour looked really nice with my coat!  But it wouldn't be nearly enough, so I search through my stash and pulled out this great yarn that had been repurposed from a sweater.  

I started with the same idea I had done before--chain enough for 5-7 double crochets.  What I quickly realized is that I would have to do two rows of each colour--though I had several balls of the rose, so I could have one at each end, but that didn't help.  Doing two rows of the mushroom quickly showed that I really didn't have much of it and this was really awkward anyway.

I ripped it out and opted to do a circle instead.  I sort of guesstimated and made a chain in the rose, based on looping around the neck twice.  Did two rows in rose, and one row in mushroom, two in rose, one in mushroom, two in rose.  I didn't have enough of the mushroom left to repeat this, but I still wanted a bit more width.  I did a third round in the rose, then went back to the original chain, and did another round.  This did two things--balanced the outer strips, and hid the sort of uneven starting chain--because of the thick n thin nature and the large hook, sometimes it was hard to go under both chains in that first row.  So this hid that and made that edge also match the other edge.

After I had been into the scarf for a few rounds, I realized that if I had made it a cowl instead, I probably could  have had "more" mushroom stripes.  Half as many stitches, means twice as many rows for the same length of yarn, plus what I had left might had done one more round.  Oh well, next time.  I like the scarf done long though because you can wear it long if you're going for a fashion look or if you're tall, wrap it twice for warmth and still look good when you take your coat off, or wrap it three times for super warmth, or wrap around the head for ear coverage.  But the cowls look nice too and can be pulled up over the head to protect the ears without messing up the hair.  Nothing sucks more in the kindergarten class then trying to get a toque on a girl with a ponytail!

For the hat, I simply started at the top, doing double crochets in rounds.  Got to the length that felt good, then switched to single crochets.  It feels snug, but there is stretch.  The green angora crochet slouch hat I made last year moves all over my head so I don't wear it much.  Some single crochet would probably have fixed that.  Maybe I can find a contrast yarn and create some interest....

Hat took 72gr and scarf was 93gr for a total of 165gr.  And of course, right after I finished, I got a request from a friend of the lady that ordered that last hoodie...for the exact same one in a smaller size...

I posted this set on my Monday Madness, and although it got a lot of likes, there were no takers.  So, it's still for sale :)

Yarn In:  500gr
Yarn Out: 165gr + 779gr = 944gr
Balance: 444gr more USED than bought
Costs:  $21.19/23 days = $0.92/day

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