Monday, January 12, 2015

New Division

This year, I'm going to keep track of the yarn I get out of the house by donation/selling.  I'm curious to see just how much yarn I use up for actual projects and how much of my total is by donating.  I don't often get yarn donated to me, but once in awhile I do luck out.  Every time I see my stash, I think--I need to thin this.  Then, I try (or try to find yarn my daughters can use) and every single ball in my stash has a potential purpose.  Crazy.  I have a bin of odd balls of worsted weight yarns, for when I'm doing little hats, or stripes, or characters that need a small bit.  I have a bin of mohair type yarns, a bin of "textured" yarns, a bin of "good yarn" (ie--will never give away or sell but will probably never use cause it's too good), a bin of Paton's "Divine", a bin of cottons, and another bin of assorted.  And, a garbage bag of more, a cone tree, two six-cubby units, and cones on top of those units.  I really thought being in business would mean I get to use up my stash.  When I started out though, I got a little excited and did buy up lots of odd balls of textured and mohair yarns for newborn props.  I haven't done much new born props lately, but that yarn isn't good for a whole lot else, except scarves and trims.

Anyway, collected up 33gr of brown yarn for a fellow lunch supervisor's daughter who's doing a school project :)

Donated Out:  33gr
Donated In:  0gr

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