Saturday, January 17, 2015

Toothless #3

I was supposed to knit three Toothless stuffies for Christmas orders, but only got one done, and that was actually for Jan 2 (already shown), and the client for #2 and #3 said she'd just take one for Jan 11, her daughter's birthday instead.  Not much new to show by now LOL.

There's not a whole lot of ways to pose him, and it's cold outside!  Maybe next time, if it's warm, I'll take him out front or to the park.  There's also no way to make each one unique.  He is who he is!

Yarn In:  500gr
Yarn Out:  200gr + 263gr + 33gr (donation) = 496gr
Balance: 4gr more BOUGHT than used
Costs:  $21.19/17 days = $1.25/day

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