Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I Forgot!

I was looking at my list of projects, and their weights, and I noticed "hooded cowl, 2-4 Years, 230gr".  This is a fairly current list, mainly February.  It took a moment, and then I remembered that I had indeed recently made a size 2-4 hooded cowl, in mushroom, without ears.  A look through the blog confirms that I did not post it yet!  I suppose it's cause it looked a lot like the previous earless one, just smaller.

We really don't have blue snow here.  I rarely make  colour corrections to my photos.  The mushroom is approximately correct, so I can't be bothered to do anything else LOL.

Yarn In:  500gr
Yarn Out: 230gr + 1579gr = 1809gr
Balance: 1309gr more USED than bought
Costs:  $21.19/55days = $0.38/day

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