Thursday, April 16, 2015

Getting There

This feels like the longest time I've had between finished projects, in FOREVER!  I have all the pieces knit for the three  large teddy bears.  It's a Jean Greenhowe pattern, but I've adapted it to be knit without seams.  I had a scary moment last Saturday though.  I was at the rink in the morning, knitting at a table in the lobby viewing area, and reading the Toronto Star at the same time.  I had a funny thought--what if I somehow forgot to pick up my pattern when I leave?  It's in a page protector, is about 3-4 pages long, and as well, there was a two page pattern for the Pocket Bears (with the adaptations for the Pocket Bunny) and a dishcloth pattern.

This bear pattern is very important to me.  I received it in 1999, I think.  A pristine photocopy, handed out by the older lady helping to run the Intro to Sock Knitting classes at the Dufferin Museum, near Orangeville, Ontario.  Doesn't that place look neat?  Inside, there is a whole log cabin!  We would sit in a circle, near the big windows overlooking the fields.  It was awesome.  Now, of course, back then I was still a fairly new knitter, and the internet was not a great source of patterns.  Imagine a world without Ravelry!  Patterns were often shared between friends and relatives.  Photocopying a pattern to hand out to a class...well...we just didn't think about it much back then.  Her booklets weren't easy to find.  I will say, that I have never earned any money from this pattern though.  All that I have knit have been for family :)

So, later on, just before time to start dinner, I thought I might squeeze a few minutes of knitting in, since I had been working all day.  I sat down...and no pattern.  OMG.  In the True Tracy Way, I had jinxed myself.

I headed back to the rink, and straight back to my table.  The newspaper was gone, but my patterns in their page protector were still there!  Yay!  I have this incredible ability to not lose things.  Time and time again, something is missing, but I always find it--sometimes a long time later, sometimes in a strange place.

The pieces are all waiting now.  The three heads are stuffed, because of how they get closed off.  I just have to attach all the pieces, do the eyes and noses, and decide on how the bows will be.  So excited to be almost done!

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