Friday, April 24, 2020

Amish Puzzle Ball

I came across this pattern somewhere...maybe a FB group, maybe Pinterest, maybe a blog; doesn't really matter. The kids had a sewn ball like this when they were babies, but it didn't come apart. It was still neat, because it was easy to handle and toss around.
 It came from  There's some other cool patterns there too!

I needed a break from a knit blanket I'm doing, so I decided to whip this up. It went pretty quick. Just chose random (sort of) yarn from a pile I had just been donated. 

It comes apart in these three circles of 4 wedges. It's all crocheted together (the turquoise yarn)

There's videos out there showing how to put it together (just google "Amish Puzzle Ball", probably more options than if you add crochet). The third piece, put over your wrist like a bracelet, pinch one of the clusters of wedges already linked up, and slip it over. Easy as pie! LOL. It's not a big stash buster, given it's size, but it's an effective way to use up some small amounts.

Yarn In:  3344gr
Yarn Out:  75gr + 5211gr = 5286gr
Balance:  1942gr more OUT than in!
Costs: $42.35/115 days = $0.368/day

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