Saturday, March 21, 2015

Canadian Classics Collection

I'm really excited to get started on a new line of knitted items.  Made with Briggs & Little "Heritage", this hardworking Canadian yarn has stood the test of time.  Perhaps not the softest wool out there, it is durable, and offers all the great qualities of wool!  It comes in some great colours too.

I'm planning on starting the collection with mittens.  Good, old fashioned mittens.  I will also test out hats, headbands and wrist warmers.  The mittens will be available in regular, convertible, and thrummed.  All sizes, from Child's 2, to Men's.  I am planning to start knitting soon, and have some as in stock, and always opened for customs.  Trying to decide between on the knitting machine, or by hand, or a hybrid.  My styling is going to be of a more classic nature--might break out the stripes for some added colour once I start having part skeins to use up, LOL.  I might even consider breaking out the dye pot again!

Although I have complained in the past about knitting the same item more than once, I'm hoping that by having some stock items, I can expand my sales.  I'll be better suited for craft shows, and perhaps get into some shops.  I'm excited by this new direction!

Yarn In: 226gr + 1000gr = 1226gr
Yarn Out: 2132gr
Balance: 906gr more USED than bought
Costs:  $13.45 + $45.94= 53.39 /80 days = $0.74/day

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