Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mitten Slideshow!

In a FB small business group, it was brought up that videos are now the way to get views on your page.  It seems FB will include your video in more people's newsfeeds, then posts with links or pictures.  At first, I thought "I can't make a video about knitting!" and then someone said slideshows count as videos.  At first I thought "I can't make a slideshow!  I'll get my 14 year old son to help!".

We've had problems with Windows Movie Maker and Live Movie Maker.  Hugh told me he couldn't do it, it wouldn't work.  I said Pooey, and gave it a try.  And wouldn't you know--I made a slideshow!  It was even fun!  Though I had a few issues.  When I first tried to post it on FB, it wouldn't accept it.  Then I learned that I had "saved Project as" but actually had to "Publish movie".  I still never found how to get it as a mp4 file, but it appears that I can still post these on FB.  I also thought the quality was bad, but then realized I hadn't selected the "HD" option at the bottom of the viewing screen.  The next day I added some music even.  I wanted "Little Rabbit Foo Foo" but it was too long.

I did try to add the video to a recent post here, and it hadn't loaded after 30 minutes so I gave up.  I just tried with my second video, and it loaded, so I've gone back and tried to add the Pocket Bunny one, but I'm not sure it's working.

My second slideshow was a short one, for a hat I've been trying to sell.

My third slideshow is about mittens.  I love knitting mittens--nice ones in real wool!  It's hard to find songs about mittens!  Many of these pictures were taken before I got serious about my pictures!  I hope this post works, you never know with Blogger and videos.  I have two mitten slideshows and one has the titles slightly off, so I hope I got the right one!

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