Thursday, March 19, 2015

Multiplying like Rabbits

I've just finished up an order for a family of Pocket Bunnies.  Oh my, are they ever cute!  They will be part of a young girl's Easter baskets in a few weeks and I hope she likes them!  The mom wanted them to represent their family, so there is the Dad (Mike) in white, the mom (Kim) in tan bling and the girl is made with one strand of each of those yarns!  Great idea!

 Just hanging out in a tree!  Cause rabbits can climb trees, can't they?  Oh, well, Pocket Bunnies can!
 They might not be dressed for playing in the snow, but Pocket Bunnies don't care!
 Momma Bunny shows off her ballgown in the ever popular black.
 Poppa Bunny is wearing the latest in denim shorts with suspenders.  His shorts are even built with the adorable feature of an opening for his tail.
 Soaking up some sun after the long winter
 Family portrait, 2015
 I liked both pictures.  It's my blog, I can post both if I want.
 Easter is coming!
 Momma was getting chilly so she donned a poncho
 My photo assistant shows a Pocket Bunny in their natural habitat
 The girls plot Easter shenanigans
 Their wardrobe:  Sundress (Noro sock yarn), purple poncho, scarf, mohair dress, purple mohair shawl, black ball gown (Bunny can actually stand up in that one!), blue shorts, pink mohair scarf, blue bow tie (there is also a blue scarf for dad).
Mom also really wanted hats.  I didn't think I could do it, but after she told me her husband got married wearing a baseball cap, I knew I had to try!  Purple, black, and blue!

The bunnies weigh 100gr and the clothes weigh 65gr.

And for those of you who prefer watching a video with music

Yarn In:  1000gr
Yarn Out: 165gr + 1967gr = 2132gr
Balance: 1132gr more USED than bought
Costs:   $45.94 /78 days = $0.59/day

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