Thursday, January 23, 2020

Charity Blankets

I decided to make a post with all my blankets for Crochet Blankets for Seniors
 Lionbrand "Homespun", garter stitch, corner to corner rectangle. I did the increases by starting each row K1, YO. For the decreases, it became K1, YO, sl1, k2tog, psso. It created a nice edge, so I didn't crochet a border.
 Collection of worsted weight yarns, and fun fur; corner to corner rectangle in garter stitch, simple single crochet border.
Three panel stockinette, made on bulky knitting machine. Joined on the knitting machine with a heart trim.  Worsted weight yarn. 

Three panels of 1x1 ribbing, made on a bulky knitting machine. It is very stretchy. Mystery coned yarns. 

Corner to corner rectangles in worsted weight yarns and a  single crochet border.

Corner to corner rectangle in worsted weight yarn and a single crochet border.

Zig Zag chevrons in worsted weight yarns. Side borders in garter stitch added after to get a bit more width.

Corner to corner rectangle in Bernat "Masala" on a cone, done in garter stitch.

 Granny stitch rectangle done in Bernat "Denim Style" with additional rows on the ends to get it to the right dimensions.

Corner to corner in garter stitch. Worsted weight yarns and several novelty yarns. Pinks, purples, white and black.

"Pipsqueak", two rows garter stitch alternating with 2 rows white worsted weight yarn. 

Corner 2 Corner crochet rectangle in worsted weight yarn. 

These crochet C2C blankets start out really fast, but once you get into the section with no increases, it really starts to feel like it will take forever. And they eat yarn.

Another C2C worsted weight blanket, in more manly colours. Much of my stash is more girly colours and since most yarn crafters are women, I'm sure I'm not the only one with this issue.

C2C crochet in worsted weight "fox", cream and black. 

The starting section of a C2C crochet blanket. I was having trouble getting into the pattern and you can see my mistakes on the top white row. 

I'm not a fan of knitting/crocheting blocks and sewing them together. I know it's convenient but it's just not my thing. It can get crazy with the stash blankets, carting around a bag of many small balls and a growing blanket. I enjoy these though, especially when I can use yarns from the stash, and supplement with just a ball or two of new yarn.  I think my next one will be a corner to corner crochet blanket again. Time to go stash diving!

For more details on the blankets, go to THIS LINK which will have all the posts about the blankets

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