Saturday, January 11, 2020

Year Totals

I wasn't going to do a comparison post this year but I don't think I did one last year, so I think it's time. I have gone back and added the label "Year Totals" to the relevant posts. Now that I've been doing this for awhile, it's hard to show so many years in a format that looks good on Blogger. I want to do it landscape format LOL.  I'll try the best I can!

2019                                                                          2018
Yarn In:  2485.5gr                                                  Yarn In: 1501gr
Yarn Out: 3384gr                                                   Yarn Out:  4142 gr
Balance:  898gr more OUT than IN                      Balance: 2641 gr OUT
Costs: $90.24 = $0.25/day                                     Costs: $41.39 = $0.11/day

2017                                                                      2016
Yarn In: 2442gr                                                     Yarn In:  11 223gr
Yarn Out:  4900gr                                                  Yarn Out: 11 260gr
Balance: 2458gr more OUT                                  Balance: 37gr OUT
Costs:   $67.30 = $0.18/day                                   Costs:  $507.27 = $1.39/day

2015                                                                      2014
Yarn In:  9989gr                                                   Yarn In:  10 076grYarn Out:  9272gr                                                 Yarn Out:  8061gr
Balance:  717gr more IN                                      Balance:  2015gr more IN
Costs:  $430.10 = $1.18/day                                 Costs:  $511.49 = $1.40

2013                                                                     2012
Yarn In: 16 153gr                                                 Yarn In: 21 096
Yarn Out:  16 805gr                                             Yarn Out:  16 849gr
Balance:  625gr more OUT                                  Balance:  4247gr more IN
Costs:  $378.91 = $1.04/day                               Costs:  524.43 = $1.43/day

Yarn In:       74 965.5gr 
Yarn Out:    74 673gr
Balance:      292.5gr IN
Costs:          $2551.13 = $0.87/day

OMG. I really thought I was going to end up with more yarn OUT rather than IN! It's so close! I'm glad I'm not adding the big donation I got just before the end of 2019, until 2020. I've got a lot of work to do this year to get more yarn out. These numbers do have a margin of error though. All the ends I cut off when finishing, little bobbins of yarn that are leftover and just get tossed, cones of yarn I don't weigh when they come in, but I weigh the product for the OUT totals (sneaky, I know, but cones are compact and hold a TON of yardage). I can't believe I bought twice as much yarn this year (2019) as I did in 2018. I really don't feel like I bought that much! 
And, of course, I was buying (and using yarn) long before 2012! So really, I don't just have 292gr of yarn in my stash. Wouldn't that be awesome? Haven't had that since, like, 1995!

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