Tuesday, December 10, 2019

More Stockings

The past couple years I've only done Christmas stockings for prior clients. So this one woman wanted some more stockings for extended family. As well, I totally messed up the names on the back of two of the stockings from last year, so I had to fix those. Ooops.

Not too much to say about these, made to match these...ummmm...why do I not have a blog post about the first batch? Searching...searching...I never took a photo?! Okay, imagine a picture looking just like this photo, but with different names on the back LOL.

The client sent me a picture! I actually did include the first two in the 2017 totals, but not the one for the baby I made in 2018. I've updated those totals now.

I just found some notes in a notebook. Apparently I get 6st/inch with Astra on 3.25mm, and I cast on 82st. The stocking might be 6 7/8" across (x2).

Yarn In:  2485.5gr
Yarn Out: 305gr + 1732gr=2037gr
Balance:  448.5gr IN
Costs: $90.24/344 days = $0.26/day

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